Q: How do I care for or extend the life of my tray of living microgreens?

A: We grow our product specifically for the best quality the day of delivery. Harvesting the    product and storing it as directed will maintain quality longer than trying to keep the product living. Each seed contains enough energy to sprout, and become microgreens, without being given nutrients. The greens will use all their energy and start to decrease in quality after a few days. If you are interested in plants that you may use for your garden, please inquire as we do have products with that in mind!

Q: How do I harvest my product?

A: Use one hand to hold small bunches with your hand while using a sharp knife or scissors,  cut the product near the base and place in a container.

harvest FAQ

Q: How do I clean my product?

A: Our products are grown without the use of any chemical sprays in a controlled environment but rinsing the product before storage or use is advised. Use a salad spinner or a straining colander rinse product under cold water, allow to drain and place on paper towel.

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Q: How does the growing process work?

A: Coming soon!

Q: What are some good ideas for how I can use this product at home?

A: Coming soon!